Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Trust to good movies then."

AC asks about my upcoming class at the Maybe Logic Academy ( ), "In this you give a movie recommendation for each week, are we to watch this a couple of times during the week, or just once. if just once, do we do it at the end of the week or at the beginning? Or is it just left up to the person to decide?"

I would leave it up to the individual.  I plan to start watching the movies at the beginning of November, and I hope to finish watching them all before the class ends.  I've seen them all before, but I look forward to rewatching them.  I also plan to watch some of the bonus material and alternative versions on the Criterion edition of Mr. Arkadin.  After I posted the syllabus I remembered Netflix didn't have The Magnificent Ambersons, but it just got rereleased and they acquired it.

Typically people from all over the world take the Maybe Logic classes.  I realize that some people might not have a chance to watch the films.  I suspect they will still enjoy the class.

Films greatly influenced Bob Wilson, and I hope the cinema component of the class will illuminate that.  Chinatown particularly influenced Schrödinger's Cat. 

I remember having dinner with Bob in 1995.  I wanted to talk about my Finnegans Wake study group, and he just wanted to talk about his Orson Welles study group.


  1. For For Fake by Welles seems to have been the kernel, the insipiration and impetus for CT3.

    I appreciate this response because it reminded me to think of Chinatown much more when I think of SCT. Chinatown is invoked, certainly, but the first three times I read SCT I didn't think of the "hidden" influences in it, which, when we look...there is much to see indeed.

    Human actions are going on; we must interpret them. But we don't know the local "language," so let's map the language we have and try to figure it out, thinking logically....the evidence...

    Can we know?

  2. Dude, when you mention you class at Maybe Logic Academy, put up a link!

  3. I re-read SCT and Illuminatus this year and noticed that where Illumninatus has hundreds of references to literature, SCT has more references to films. Which makes sense since film makers work with light and so do quantum physicists.

    1. Good observation. Illuminatus! does refer to the Illuminati's love of "King Kong" and "Gunga Din," and SC does include lots of references to Eliot, Melville, Joyce, Pound, etc. I look forward to this class. The Quantum Psychology group at ends just after the SC class starts. I have found the QP group very rewarding, and I suspect it help me find new insights in SC.

    2. Of course I didn't mean that SC is exclusively film oriented or that Illuminatus is exclusively literature oriented. Just noting that it seems like SC is a more film influenced book to me.

      I wonder if RAW deliberately drew his influence from films for SC in order illustrate a connection between electronic media and post-Newtonian physics. Something to discuss in your SC class, I suppose.

  4. Thanks for the reply; I watched chinatown for the first time after asking that question, and really enjoyed it. It took me a while to see the connection between that, prometheus rising and Wilson's "project" overall, I mean the end of the film was a big hint, but still, I am sure there is a lot more I am missing.