Monday, April 16, 2012

A Jackson in Your House

I love Tom Jackson's blog  He suggested I start this blog, for which I thank him.  He sent me this question:  "What do you read to keep yourself current on what's going on in poetry? Is there something people can do that doesn't involve a huge amount of time?"

Alas, I don't keep myself current on what's going on in poetry.  I don't follow any living poets.  (I sorta follow Barry Smolin, Ishmael Reed, Stew, etc.)  I took a Contemporary Poetry class in 1984 which introduced me to a bunch of poets from the 50's and 60's like John Ashberry and Frank O'Hara and Sylvia Plath and Allen Ginsberg.  Reading Robert Creeley led me to a bunch of other post World War II poets, but I don't keep current.  I did intern with Pete Fairchild in graduate school, which I really enjoyed.


  1. Soooo. B.H. Fairchild goes by "Pete"? Learn something new every day...

  2. Back in 1980 I had a computer instructor who wore a t-shirt that said, "In graduate school, no one can hear you scream." I found completing my master's degree a challenge, but I loved hanging out with Prof. Fairchild and talking about Pound, Pynchon, poetry, etc. I find him a very nice, intelligent, and insightful man.